By Donna Alexander


When things are going well in life we're happy as can be;

We take so much for granted and seldom pause to see

That we are not Alone!


Our days through life aren't always smooth, our troubles start out small;

Perhaps a youngster fails a test, or has a play-yard fall...

That child can feel Alone!


As we grow up it seems to us our problems grow up too;

We lose a friend, perhaps a job, and don't know what to do...

And we may feel Alone!


At some time in each human's life, they've lost a loved one dear,

Or helped to reassure someone when sickness made them fear...

So were we then Alone?


If a child is very ill we bring to God our cares,

There may be no one else around to kneel with us in prayer...

So are we now Alone?


What we must learn, as life goes on, is that our God above

Will help us through life’s worries--for He's a God of Love...

We need never be Alone!


When we travel, work or play, at church, at home or far away,

It matters not what time of day... God is with us all the way.

Thanks be to God, we're not Alone!


Yes, for our sins our Saviour died... what greater love could be?

And all we have to do is call, and there our Lord will be.




By Donna Alexander


Love's a much-used little word, by adult, child and teen;

But what would be your answer if asked "What does love mean?"

Each person is so different, I'm sure it's safe to say

That every individual would see 'Love' their own way.


When we are young we need to know we're loved by Mom and Dad;

I wish that every child could have the kind of love I've had.


Some people say they 'love' a food, and some may 'love' to run,

Some say they 'loved' a movie, some 'love' to just have fun.


There's 'puppy' love, and 'first' love, all kinds of love we know;

We hope we'll find that special love and to the altar go.


And then, if God should bless us, we parents may become,

And once we are, we know this love's a special one.


So now we love our children, our neighbors, and our friends,

And still there's love to give that grandchild God may send.


But all these things cannot compare to that One Precious Love;

The love that came through Jesus---sent down from God above.


Our Jesus died upon a cross, His very Life He gave;

You ask, "Why did He do this?" "He died for us to save".


I know that I'm not worthy, but I know that it is true;

The Bible tells us clearly that God loves me and you.


Love may be just a little word to adult, child and teen,

But Jesus died, and it's for sure, no greater Love has been.




By Donna Alexander

We talk of praise in worship, we offer praise in prayer,

And we can sing the songs of praise from car or easy chair.

We need not wait for Sunday to praise our God above,

For time and place don't matter to our precious God of Love.


If we took just five minutes out of each and every day,

To think of what our God has given, the price His Son did pay,

We'd find that praise comes easy, we'd bow our heads in prayer

And thank our loving Father for His gift of love so rare.


His gifts to us are endless.... just stop and look around....

The beauty of this world He formed, our food, our homes, and 'sound',

Our families, oh 'so' precious, the creatures large and small,

The light of day and rest of night, Our Lord God gives us 'all'.


He meets our needs in ev'ry way, if on His name we call,

But best of all He gave His son...the Greatest Gift of all.

Jesus Christ was free of sin, yet on that cross He died;

But Jesus 'rose', and now He sits at His dear Father's side.


The Lord above knows each of us, our good points and our bad,

And sometimes our behavior must make Him very sad!

He offers us Eternal Life...for this His dear Son came;

So ask Him into your life now, and 'Praise His Holy Name.'







By Donna Alexander


In life we all make choices, from childhood right on through;

Our 'problems' as a child are small, but like us, 'they grow too!'

That 'child' is soon in High School...what courses should he take?

He hopes that with some guidance, good choices he will make.


So should he ask for God's help?  Should he bow his head in prayer?

To ask HIM is the best way, as God is ALWAYS there.

Do we want to go to college? Is this the route to take?

Once again we need some help as these decisions make.


Hard work and dedication MAY help us on our way,

But sometimes stress becomes the price we now will have to pay.

So NOW will we ask Jesus to be our guiding light,

Or do we just continue on and hope we do things right?


For 'some' it seems that marriage is the next step they should take, 

But sadly they soon realize they've made a huge mistake.

Now nothing's working, families fail, and children 'pay the price'....

If ONLY they had knelt in prayer to seek the Lord's advice!


We start out life, a babe in arms, so innocent and pure,

But we grow up, and all have sinned, BUT for this there's a CURE.

The Bible tells us plainly to ASK and thus receive.....

To trust in Him, confess our sins, and simply 'just believe'. 


Our Saviour made that first step, by following God's plan;

He hung upon that 'awful cross', and gave His life for man.

The choice is ours alone to make, for God's Son took our pain...

No greater gift was ever given, Eternal Life to gain.





By Donna Alexander

Christmas is a special time, a time for young and old;

A time to be with loved ones and Christmas lights behold.


We shop, we wrap, we label those gifts we give with love;

The children wait for Santa, the stores are 'push and shove'!


Families get together to spend a special time,

But as 'I' look toward Christmas I think of an earlier time,


When Joseph walked with Mary to register that day,

They had no car, there was no bus; they'd come a long, long way.


Today we'd call ahead, and book a room, all warm and bright;

But Bethlehem had no such place, the inn was full that night.


Just let your mind imagine, to a stable you've been sent;

How unlike a motel room! What diff'rent sounds and scent!


But to a stall so cold and dark they went to rest till morn,

And there, in such a humble place, God's only Son was born.


One can't compare that stable with our hospitals today,

Or the sterile cribs for newborns to that manger where He lay.


Yet lying in that manger was the Greatest Gift of all;

That Gift from God the Father, sent down to save us all.


There were no neon signs about to point the way that night,

But up above that stable a special star shone bright.


The shepherds came from fields afar, and also wise men came;

The angels and that shining star did Jesus' birth proclaim.


He came to this world humbly, He came without a fuss;

But God knew even then, His Son would die for us.

 Christmas 'IS' a special time, a time for old and young;

I 'love' to be with fam'ly and hear those carols sung;

 But Christmas must mean more to us, much more than gifts and lights;

Remember, God's own Precious Son was born that 'NIGHT OF NIGHTS!

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