To journey with Jesus, sharing the Father’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit.


To walk with Jesus, to be Christ like, to make Him known and to have wholeness in every area of life.


INTEGRITY – We affirm our dependence on the Spirit, the trustworthiness of scripture, and a life of prayer.

DIVERSITY – We celebrate our many cultures, generations, and perspectives.

GENEROSITY – We are intentional with our resources to make a

difference in the world.

PARTNERSHIP – We work with others towards a common purpose.

RELEVANCE – We stay informed, to remain significant.

Saint Clair Community Church

3454 John Street,

PO Box 114

Sombra, ON  N0P 2H0

Phone: 519-784-0054

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Who we are 

Saint Clair Community Church - 2021

3454 John Street, PO Box 114, Sombra, ON  N0B 2H0

Phone 519 784 0054